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Investing Your Pension in Property!

Investing Your Pension in Property!

Property prices have fallen in Ireland over the last quarter of 2022, a sign that buyers looking for mortgages have started to become stretched in their finances, this being a result of increasing rates over the course of 2022.


In Dublin, prices fell by 0.8% over the last quarter compared to 0.2% elsewhere as quoted by Bloomberg at the start of this year, which happens to be much better than most of Europe.

This is due to the issue of supply and demand in Ireland, i.e. the demand is still higher than the supply at this point and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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If you need a mortgage, buying a property is becoming more expensive but there may be an opportunity to strike a hard bargain if you don’t need to borrow, or the amount you need to borrow is low compared to the property value. Having a large sum of money within your pension may offer you the ability to purchase a property, without having to suffer the increased costs of borrowing.


Property and the Irish people are inextricably linked and we have seen no weakening of demand in clients looking to purchase a property as part of their investment strategy within their pension portfolio.


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