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Advisory Role

To Charitable Organisations

The appropriate management and oversight of the Financial Assets of a Charity is crucial for the Charity to be able to fulfil its long-term Charitable objectives and to ensure that the real value of its capital is not reduced over time with inflation.

Why Choose Imperius Wealth?

  • We can advise your charity to create a bespoke Budget and Cashflow forecast plan which is aware of the seasonality and timing of fund raises and is aligned to your values and goals.
  • We believe that your Charities Board & Members are best supported by sharing the financial investment responsibility with a trusted financial advisor, enabling the Charity to focus on marketing and fund-raising efforts.
  • We are independent, as we are not tied to any one Asset Manager or Irish Insurance Manager. This allows us to recommend the ‘best in class ‘Asset Managers and investment solutions.
  • At Imperius Wealth, we have the expertise and experience to help your charity make better informed asset allocation and ethical investment decisions, enabling the Board to optimise your Charities funding resources.
  • All Imperius Wealth Advisors have attained the highest global financial planning designation, being the ‘CFP’ award. {Certified Financial Planner}
  • Our review process can compare the performance of your existing Manager against its Peer Group benchmark, with the focus on adding value.
  • We are licenced and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (No:50457) as an Investment Intermediary, under the Investment Intermediaries Act (1995).
  • We are a relationship focused broker; your designated Advisor will revert to you within 24 hours on any investment query or clarification.
  • Our investment review encompasses ESG & responsible investment benchmarking and Governance.
  • We will prepare and present to your Charities Investment Committee meetings a quarterly Investment market overview report.
  • We can help the employees of your Charity plan for their retirement creating individual tax effective financial roadmaps.
Andrew Cree CFP®

‘After a volatile investment year like 2022, where both Bonds and Equities moved downwards in unison, it highlights the needs for a trusted Advisor to regularly review the Charities Investment mandate and to advise the Board on asset allocation and flexible investment opportunities.’

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