Imperius Wealth is a group of internationally accredited advisers who have experience in working in the Republic of Ireland, the UK and the European Union.

We work with both individuals and companies to provide bespoke investment and pension advice both at home and across borders.

We believe that our commitment to transparency, expertise and keeping our finger on the financial pulse are what help us deliver the positive outcomes our clients expect.
We know that our clients want the freedom to choose how they retire, when they retire, and where they retire. And, wherever you are looking at retiring – Ireland, the UK or Australia – we’ve got your back.

We have many years’ experience navigating the complex area of cross-border planning. Between them, our team are qualified to give advice in Ireland, the UK and Australia. Whether you are looking at transferring a UK pension back to Ireland, or even a UK and/or Irish pension to Australia, we can develop a tailored financial strategy to make that happen.