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Wealth Management in Ireland

Wealth management in Ireland is an ongoing process. It requires very different approaches depending on what stage of your life you are at – building wealth requires different strategies to the preservation of acquired wealth.

Whatever stage you are at, our advice process is centred on educating our clients to build the right strategies and select the right assets for their personal situation.

Through our strong relationships with banks and asset managers across Ireland and many overseas territories we help private and corporate clients to manage their wealth and preserve capital. We also have access to institutional rates which means your bespoke portfolio has more scope for growth and less exposure to unnecessary charges

Wealth Management Ireland

Like many aspects of Imperius Wealth financial planning, life-long education is inherent in our wealth management Ireland service – we work transparently alongside our clients every step of the way and go out of our way to make sure you benefit from at least some level of knowledge transfer.

That may include:

  • Learning to ascertain what your life goals and needs are
  • Understanding how you invest and select appropriate assets and strategies accordingly
  • Understanding how different financial events might result in different risk tolerance

Once we have established these parameters, informed and consulted with you, and completed our due diligence, we build your investment and wealth management portfolio.

Of course, we create this together taking into account your existing assets. If you have an existing investment portfolio, we can dissect it, align it with your current requirements and establish how we can add value.

Below are some of the options we have to help us manage your wealth in the most effective way.

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Tax Planning Strategies for Wealth Management in Ireland

Tax is a fact of life. The more tax jurisdictions you have been linked to, the more complex this area can become.

It is important to act on your expatriate status as quickly as possible to maximize tax savings. We are constantly abreast of legislation that benefits our clients and incorporate that into all our wealth management Ireland and investment services.

Discretionary Portfolios

As a group we have strategic alliances with many discretionary managers, so whatever your investor profile – we have a solution to suit.

As financial markets see increasing volatility, shares, exchange rates and commodity prices fluctuations can be hard to track – potentially to the detriment of your wealth and investment portfolio.

Discretionary portfolios often provide a sound balance between constantly monitoring your assets and risk tolerance and retaining control of the direction of your wealth management in Ireland.

Bespoke Structured Investment Products

With direct links to top-tier banks and consistent trading volume we have the ability to secure bespoke products at preferential pricing.

This means you gain further flexibility to combine assets to exactly match your desired risk profiles – often while building in capital and income assurances.

Portfolio Management

Never has it been so important to review your portfolio regularly and re-balance according to the markets. We have a wide range of options that can enhance many existing portfolios. 

Whatever your current wealth management situation, it is worth having a review of your portfolio to see if we can improve it.

Pensions Advice and Transfer

You can read more about pensions and transferring them from or to Ireland here.

Investor Visa Funds Placement

The first step to retiring overseas is getting the requisite visa. More and more countries now offer access to “Golden Visas” or “Investor Visas”, this can be a way of using your wealth and retirement plans to secure residency in a country that offers favourable tax treatment or high living standards. As Ireland is part of the EU, you have the right to move and settle anywhere else in the EU, provided you have sufficient financial means to do so.

Trusts and Estate Planning

Trusts and legacy planning are essential to many wealth management plans. 

With access to many types of trusts in many different countries we can often show clients solutions they did not know existed. We will introduce and recommend trusts to you as part of an overall review.

Inheritance Tax Provision (IHT)

It is never too early to address inheritance tax planning.

Often your loved ones will have to deal with Inheritance Tax issues at a time of great stress and the complexity of these issues is often overwhelming. We have a variety of instruments and planning ideas to minimize IHT but like all tax strategies time is of the essence here.

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What is Wealth Management?

Imperius Wealth believe that Wealth management is the process of meeting the wants and needs of our clients by advising and providing them with appropriate financial products and services available in the Irish Market.

 Wealth Management will look different for each client and by working with you, we gain a clear understanding of what’s important to you so that we can match your needs with a range of suitable options. Also, read more on reasons why you should consider wealth management in Ireland.

Life Assurance can be a very effective tool both in providing protection and an income for your family in the event of an early death. Incorporating life assurance into wealth management also looks at it as a tool for Estate and Inheritance planning as well as Business Protection.

We’ve written plenty of blogs on Pension and from cross border pensions to funding a pension using your company. Bringing pension planning into wealth management lets us help you determine the optimal pension fund amount for you and if you should look at amending your current pension planning.

Pensions are one of the few ways that Irish residents can reduce their tax bill however there are other products which can be used to good effect. For example, it is not possible to offset rental income for pension planning however it can be reduced if you look at investing in the Employment Investment Incentive (EII) Scheme.

Many of our clients also have personal investment portfolios. If the investments increase in value, there will be a tax bill. We are careful to review these portfolios to make sure that they are the most suitable investments for our clients as different investment types will have different tax treatments. The growth on a Life Insurance Investment Plan is subject to 41% exit tax. Additionally, the tax is payable every eight years regardless of whether you make any withdrawals.

The tax due will be deducted by the insurance company and paid to Revenue – you do not have to take any action. If you have an investment through an investment platform or online broker and have purchased Exchange Traded Funds, you are also liable for the 41% tax after 8 years. In this instance, you have to pay funds to Revenue. A portfolio with a Discretionary Fund Manager is subject to Capital Gains Tax at 33% (dividend income is subject to Income Tax)

The team at Imperius Wealth are here to help with your wealth management in Ireland. By taking a holistic view at your financial position, it allows us to see if there are any other products which can be utilised to help you achieve your financial goals.

At Imperius Wealth we appreciate that your financial circumstances are unique and that solutions appropriate to your personal situation are required. We are committed to helping you meet those requirements. Please contact us today to discuss at hello@imperiuswealth.com and one of our highly qualified professionals will get back to you.

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