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One of Ireland’s foremost financial planning services, Imperius Wealth has a proven heritage of delivering all aspects of financial planning, including:

  • Investment strategies
  • Protection
  • Retirement planning in tax efficient ways

Whatever your needs, our aim is to help you take control of your money and future plans.

Financial Planning

To do this, we illustrate various methods and models that detail how you could reach your chosen financial destination in the most efficient and robust manner possible.

As we build your plan using our cashflow modelling, you’ll truly understand both where you and finances are now, and the best route to where you want to get to. This blueprint is an ever-evolving plan – it takes into account the impact of various what-if scenarios you may face along the journey, such as global pandemic outbreaks or other global financial events.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or simply living in Ireland currently, these are some of the many areas the Imperius team of experts is qualified to advise you on:

Risk Profiling

Risk is an inherent part of all financial planning, so one of the foundations of our approach is to use sophisticated tools and questionnaires to establish your tolerance for risk – everyone is different.

With your risk profile aligned with your goals and current situation, we can discuss investing in a balanced and diversified portfolio. Don’t worry if, over time, your risk profile changes,. tThis is natural and we see it and make adaptations for our clients on a regular basis – you’ll have regular discussions to monitor your appetite for risk and make any adjustments that might be needed.ities and jurisdictions.

Asset Management

Once we have built a portfolio you are comfortable with, we ensure your assets are working for you 24/7. We are adept at navigating a wide range of asset platforms and have access to cutting-edge technology. All this means that we are able to make timely investment decisions on your behalf to keep your portfolio optimised and diversified ahead of the curve.

Cash Flow Modelling

As mentioned, we use cash flow modelling to outline the various outcomes possible under different scenarios. So, whether you are an individual or SME we can help you achieve your goals over a set timeframe.

Your portfolio will be tried and tested, with decisions based on factual information from your current situation and assessing your future financial situation. We can also simulate a wide range of possibilities available to you over a prolonged period – something most clients find both enlightening and reassuring.

Milestone Planning

Your future will be full of rewarding moments. It will also be full of major milestones – many of which are necessary, but expensive.

It’s important to plan for the big milestones along the way, while ultimately making sure you still have a comfortable and long retirement. These milestones could be higher education or weddings for your children, starting your own business or even working your way through your bucket list.

And, of course, priorities and milestones can change. That is why our advisers are with you every step of the way to help you adjust your plans to meet new challenges.

Retirement Planning

With an international network of advisers, we are well set to help prepare you for your retirement whether that be in Ireland or overseas. Whatever your destination, our highly qualified team has experience with worldwide retirement planning options. We can help you navigate diverse cultures, tax regimes and bureaucracies to make your retirement the adventure you always wanted it to be.

Pensions Advice

For most people in Ireland or even beyond, their pension is their biggest financial asset.

Equally, deciding what to do with them, and ensuring you maximise the benefit it provides can be two of their biggest headaches.

In fact, pensions should be viewed as a great opportunity – and that is often the case when you know what is possible with the different kinds of pensions or how to transfer them domestically or internationally. Of course, this requires a great deal of expertise and experience.

Here at Imperius Wealth our expertise and our network strategic partners gives us access to a wide variety of SIPPS and QROPS solutions. We have a wide experience in this area and have worked with many different nationalities and types of pension arrangements.

No matter how complex your pension needs are, we feel confident we have the requisite skills and knowledge to help deliver you a fulfilling retirement.

Higher Education Fee Funding

Higher education for your children or even grandchildren is going to be expensive, right?

But did you know that state universities in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland are almost free for EU-EEA members like Ireland?

We take a ‘big picture’ view of financing higher education and at the heart of that is the knowledge we all want to give our children the best possible start in life through a great education.

Furthermore, we can help you evaluate the various costs involved across multiple international jurisdictions and you’ll receive the right sort of solutions and advice to ensure that education funding can be achieved as part of a sound financial plan.

Tax Advice

Nobody likes to learn that they paid more tax than was necessary due to being ill-informed or ignorant of the rules.

It doesn’t matter if you are making plans as an individual or as an SME, you should always strive to seek the most effective tax position. We have links with leading consultancies who can advise on effective tax planning as part of a holistic financial plan.

Trust And Estate Planning

Of course, your financial plan is not only about you – it’s about your loved ones as well.

Where and how a trust is set up can have a massive impact on how it is executed. We have access to many of the world’s leading trusts companies and their resources, because of this, we can advise on a wide range of trust setups for most nationalities and jurisdictions.

Find out how Imperius Wealth can help you with your financial planning.

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