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Returning home as an expat doesn't have to be so complex.

Are you an Irish expat, or expat financial planning in Ireland?

Have you thought about Expat Wealth Management?

Expat financial planning is important whether you have moved to Ireland from overseas, moved away from Ireland or have recently returned. Your expat status means your finances can be complex.

There’s a good chance you’ll be looking to protect your wealth across two tax regimes, two pension systems and, possibly, two currencies. It’s a situation that can deprive you of time and money.

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What is expat financial planning and why do you need Imperius?

A good financial planner, especially one well versed with the intricacies of cross-border pension transfer and tax treaties such as Imperius Wealth, will help you put a plan together, a plan that:

  • Gives you peace of mind your money is exactly where you need it
  • You’re not overpaying or losing out due to any complex legislation
  • You have a diverse and tested plan that is capable of protecting your wealth against future circumstances: both foreseen and unforeseen

Expat financial planning not only ensures you will have a secure future, it also aims to deliver you a fulfilling one. As an expat, your life will have been a little unconventional, you will have made big decisions, and chased some of your dreams already.

That shouldn’t stop now.

In fact, a big part of financial planning with Imperius Wealth is aligning your remaining goals with your income and savings requirements. We will work with you to make sure your plan is tailored to your circumstances, your budget and your future aspirations.

What if you have assets in multiple different territories?

We know that if you leave Ireland or your country of birth to live and work overseas then it is highly likely your portfolio will be complex. That’s ok! We will help you address all the nuances and tax issues that can arise while providing security for you and your family – now and well into the future.

What are the expat financial planning steps?

As mentioned, we’ll begin by documenting your current situation.

Next, we’ll help you establish what is really going to matter to you and your loved ones in the coming years. This is a very revealing process, one that many clients find both rewarding and reassuring. It doesn’t matter if your main priorities are to enjoy a full and vibrant retirement, help put the grandkids through university or even see new parts of the world, the important thing is that we record it and focus on it.

Together we will ascertain your appetite for risk and begin investment planning, ensuring you are working towards those important goals. Of course, an investment plan is an ever-evolving course of action, and we’ll review it regularly to help you stay on track – even in the face of a major unforeseen upheaval.

Unrivalled international wealth expertise and expat financial advice from those who’ve lived it

At Imperius Wealth we help Irish expats living and working around the world, and overseas experts in Ireland manage their finances and their future.

Many of our experts you’ll speak to are not only vastly qualified, but they have intricate firsthand knowledge of the issues you as an expat face because they too have lived and worked around the world for extended periods. This means we are uniquely positioned to understand and help you optimize your situation and deal with any cross-border financial ties. We understand how hard expats strive for a better, more rewarding future and we want to help.

If you’re seeking specific advice about you and your family’s future financial needs, simply request a free consultation. We’ll take it from there, connecting you with all the approved financial advisers you’ll need – no matter how complex your situation.

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