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Guide to transferring your UK pension to Ireland

Guide to transferring your UK pension to Ireland

Learn more about transferring your UK pension to Ireland

If you worked in the UK in the past you may have a UK pension with your previous employer. This guide outlines the steps to take if you want to move this pension to Ireland.
This guide outlines the information on transferring your UK pension to Ireland.

What does this guide include?

We have had many clients coming to us over the past few months wanting to move their UK pension over to Ireland.

Of course, this process isn’t easy… There is a lot of paperwork you have to deal with, you will have to review your finances, calculate how much you need for retirement and more.

To plan for a successful retirement, you need 3 things:

Planning your Retirement might not be easy but nothing of value is, and We at Imperius Wealth are here to help you and guide you at every step of the way.

Not only do we offer this free eBook ‘Guide to transferring your UK pension to Irelandl” but we also offer a complimentary meeting with one of our Financial Advisers here at Imperius Wealth.

We hope you gain valuable information from this guide and it sets you up for a comfortable retirement.

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