“If you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.”

Richard Branson

The process of building wealth and managing acquired wealth require a different approach to manage and preserve your capital. Our advice process is built around educating our clients to build the right strategies and select the right assets for their personal situation.

Through our strong relationships with banks and asset managers we help private and corporate clients to manage their wealth and preserve capital. We also have access to institutional rates which means your bespoke portfolio has more scope for growth.

For us, education comes first. To do this we work closely with our clients every step of the way. First, we establish their needs and then show them how to select appropriate assets and strategies. Next, we outline how different financial events might result in different risk tolerance. For example, a client might invest a small portion of their cash holding in a volatile market like commodities while being very conservative with their pension. Once we have done our due diligence, we build the portfolio.

We can create this together from scratch or dissect an existing portfolio and look how we can add value.

Below are some of the options we have to help us manage your wealth in the most effective way.


  • Tax Planning Strategies – It is important to act on your expatriate status as quickly as possible to maximize tax savings. We are constantly abreast of legislation that benefits our clients.
  • Discretionary Portfolios – As a group we have strategic alliances with many discretionary managers meaning that we can suit each investor profile.
  • Bespoke Structured Investment Products – With direct links to top tier banks and consistent trading volume we have the ability to secure bespoke products at preferential pricing.
  • Portfolio Management – Never has been so important to review your portfolio regularly and re balance according to the markets. We have a wide range of options that can enhance many existing portfolios. It is worth have a review of your portfolio to see if we can improve it.
  • Pensions Advice and Transfer
  • Investor Visa Funds Placement
  • Trusts and Estate Planning – With access to many types of trusts in many different countries we can often show clients solutions they did not know existed. We will cover trusts as part of an overall review.
  • IHT Provision – We have a variety of instruments and planning ideas to minimize IHT but like all tax strategies time is of the essence here.

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